Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers and create for them an amazing shopping experience. See below the answers at the most asked questions about shipping, our brand and products.


Where are you based?

We are based in the beautiful European zone, but our products will be shipped dirrectly to you from the factory where they were made.


Where do you deliver?

We are happy to announce that we are shipping our clothes WORLDWIDE, as we are working with multiple factories across the globe.


Where are your clothes made?

All across the globe! As most of the fashion stores, our clothes are made in different top factories which are based in Asia, Europe, US and Australia. We carefuly chose from the finest clothing factories in the world the ones that are creating the clothes that are a perfect match with our brand - from the looks to the materials and the manufacturing quality. 

What if the size doesn't fit?

We will happily take your item and change it with the correct size, or we will provide you a full refund, depends of how you'd like to proceed. 


How much time do I need to wait for my order?

This depends very much of the zone where you are based. As we are working with multiple factories, we will contact the one which is closest to you in order to make the shipping faster. Please note that depending on the product and your location the shipping period may take between 2-5 weeks to arrive, but you have no reason to panic, as your clothes are on the way!